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The Art and Science of Pharmaceutical Packaging is evolving constantly. New trends and innovative advancements in specialised packing are essential for the future of the pharmaceutical packaging sector. The essence is that packaging is becoming a vital part of the drug delivery system as well as a core element of the pharmaceutical marketing sector. Packaging has been recognized as a significant process through which products can be differentiated.
The requirement for innovative and advanced packaging in the pharmaceutical sector will continue to increase as the drug makers rely more and more on innovative packaging system. Developments in packaging and delivery systems are being driven by the evolving Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing technologies as well as the need to meet the demands of increased patient compliance, environmental ethics and introduction of novel drugs. With the increase in self-administered therapies, there is a need for research to formulate packages for self-administration.
The Pharma Packaging Summit 2017 brings together all stakeholders in the value chain including Heads of Pharma Packaging, Supply Chain, Procurement, Quality, R&D as well as manufacturers and technology solution providers of packaging material and components to collaboratively discuss new technology, trends, regulations and advances in innovative drug delivery systems.

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Who Should Attend the Pharma Packaging Summit?

In today’s times everyone is busy and professional schedules are often made months in advance. However to miss an event like this would be a sheer oversight, as it provides:


Opportunities to network


Industry Insights


Interactive learning experiences


Collective problem solving


Enhancing a common pool of knowledge


Understanding the latest business trends


Getting future ready

Who will you meet at the Pharma Packaging Summit ?

This summit is for Directors, VPs, Heads and Leaders of:










Research & Development




Packaging Engineers